Mantra Bell City Hotel Ballroom
205-215 Bell Street Preston

Enter main car park off Hotham Street

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'How 3D Printing Will Change the Business World"

See a 3D Printer in action on stage. Guest Speakers: Mario Turcarelli, Managing Director, Dolphin Products and Dominic Parsonson, National Sales Manager, Tasman 3D Printers. 3D Printing is rapidly evolving to enable direct production of final products as well as reducing tooling and molding costs and time. Business will be able to provide previously unaffordable levels of customisation for all types of products and services including equipment, machinery, entertainment, art, work, education, medical and much more. Industry is now coming to grips with the potential that 3D printed materials can bring to the place across multiple industries, including manufacturing, education, space, defence and more. 3D printing technology is highly likely to change the world as we know it. Design breakthroughs for cheaper and more rapid tooling will enable replacements for everything, anywhere 24/7 including outer space; cheaper home construction; more affordable prosthetics; reduced plastic and metal waste; printed food; increased enjoyment of fine arts; reprinting rather than waiting for organs and more. This morning will feature: - a local business that utilises 3D Printers in their manufacturing, and - a distributor of world class 3D Printers to industry; plus - a 3D Printer in action on stage

NBAA 5 March 2019

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